Guest Comments

After stopping by a few restaurants on our way home and finding them either not open yet or full we ventured out to Fitzgeralds. The service was of the specials of the day (cabbage rolls, a salad with maple dressing..all home made) was the best I have ever had. We will definitely be returning...and soon!! Thank you

- Nancy 

The Food was great and the service was very friendly. 

I loved the fresh baked goods and the price of the house wines! Will come back next time I am in CB!

- BreAnne 

We enjoyed dining at your restaurant. Ecellent food and service.

Thank you.

- Luke - New York

Simply wonderful. 


- Sue & Doug - Newburyport, MA

Excellent food & service!

Best seafood chowder & butterscotch pie around

Looking forward to our return visit this summer.

-  Louise - Buffalo,New York

Excellent Service, Excellent food. Would recommend to everyone to stop in and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

- Brenda

Right now, I'm sitting in Fitzgerald's and making use of their free wireless internet access. I just had one of Roddie's incredible T-bone steaks. The coffee refills keep coming.... This place is EXCELLENT!!!

- Michael

Bad grammar aside in my last comment, you HAVE to try Roddie's vegetable soup! It's divine! But...when you consider the French Onion soup is incredible -- it becomes a dilemma!

My suggestion: go back time and time again for them all!

- Kelly

Great Food! Great Service! and Cold beer!... "I'll Be Back"

- Ron Carter

- A personal suggestion, after a day's work: relax with a glass of wine and the maple spinach salad! Wonderful!

- Kelly McKenzie

Your restaurant has become my favourite in Cape Breton. Indeed, I find your steak to be particularly fine, better than almost all steakhouses I've been to in Canada & eastern USA. The staff are wonderfully cheerful and make one feel quite at home. I enjoy the atmosphere, and look forward to returning to Cape Breton soon to sit and enjoy one of the excellent creations you offer.

- Michael G. MacDonald

My wife and I travel full time around North America. There are not that many great places to dine around Atlantic Canada. If the food is good then the prise is high, really high. We were so impressed with Fitzgeralds that we kept comming back for more. The food is A+ and the price is really good. The people are sweet to boot. We recommend this place to anyone visiting Cape Brenton. It is a must! Say hi to the owners. Their success is due to the owners direct hands on operation. Roddie, One of the owners is a world class chef and it shows!

- Amir and Breann - Montana/California USA